Good Friday - Home Edition

Hey Everyone!

During this time of staying home in response to the Covid-19 virus threat, Vickie and I often ask this question... "What day is it?" It is easy to lose track whenever everything you are accustomed to doing during the week is suspended. Monday-Friday are often days to go to work or school. Sundays are for attending Church and worship. When you are working from home and in quarantine, everything starts to feel the same. One day does not stand apart from any other.

But there is a day that stands apart from all the others... quarantine or not. Good Friday. This sometimes confusing designation is given to the Friday before Easter. It is the day Jesus was crucified; paying in full the price sin demands and making it possible for us to be saved from sin and given the amazing gift of eternal life.

It is the habit of Thelma Baptist Church to gather on Good Friday for worship. We normally gather and lift up our hearts to give God praise. Then, we follow with observing the Lord's Supper (instituted by the Lord Jesus in Luke 22:14-23, Mark 14:22-26, and Matthew 26:26-30. We follow the example of Jesus as he led the disciples to share the cup and break the bread.

This year, because of the quarantine, we cannot gather at the church building. But we will gather as the Church in homes. We are encouraging each family to gather for worship at 6:30pm Friday. Bro. Bill will lead us in praise and worship. I will lead in the teaching of the Word of God and in a time of observing the Lord's Supper. Bill and I will be be with you via live stream broadcast on Facebook Live and YouTube. Just search for Thelma Baptist Church on either site.

Parents, you will have the privilege of leading your family in the Lord's Supper. I will provide leadership via broadcast, but you will be the example your family follows. You will provide the elements that represent the blood of Christ and His body (juice and bread). You will serve your family. I am very excited about this and I believe it will be a very special night.

No, you don't need any special wafers, or sanctified juice. You don't need silver platters or special cups. Just us whatever you have on hand in the kitchen. You can use any kind of juice or Kool-Aide. A pastor friend of mine said they would be using Gator-ade. Crackers or bread will work for the other part. You can serve it in paper plates and cups. It is not the elements you use; rather what they represent that is special. These are symbolic of the blood and Jesus Christ and His body.

I have prepared a list of helpful list of suggestions to make this evening with your family special. You can download it here.
Let me know if you have any questions.
I love you and your family,

Doug Chappelle
Pastor, Thelma Baptist Church

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