When Jesus started His ministry the very first thing He did was form a group. Groups are a special part of Thelma Baptist Church life.  They have been designed for you and members of your family to gather with a group of like-minded, similar life phase people to build friendships, develop community, and deepen in knowledge of the Word of God and personal faith.  We have groups that meet Sunday mornings during what would be a traditional Sunday School time, but we also have groups that meet in other locations and at other times during the week. Below, you will find a listing of current offerings.

Groups Directory
Just a group of Jesus loving people that are eager to form community with each other while navigating marriage, kids, and day to day life. We are working through the Bible following “The Story of Redemption” by Daily Grace. Any week is a perfect opportunity for you to come join us! Expect to find a group that likes to laugh & have fun while learning about the Bible, Jesus, and God.
Would you like to make new or renew old relationships as you learn more about how the Church was born? Join us as we explore the Book of Acts and discover how a small number of Jesus' followers, from different nations, speaking many languages, became the church. Discover how they boldly carried the Gospel message throughout their world.  We will pray about and discuss what our next steps as the Church should be in view of the growing worldwide hostility toward  Christianity.  
 Is there a me that you would really like to be but you aren’t quite sure what that looks like or how to get there?  This semester we will walk through John Ortberg’s book, “the me I want to be..becoming God’s best version of you.”  You are so much more than you think.  Take the discovery journey.  
Welcome! Our class is open to any age or marital status. We like to look into God’s Word to see how it speaks to us while having fun and enjoying each other’s company. Through the spring until summertime, we are going through the Masterwork series “Shadow Christians”, written by Jeff Iorg and Leslie Hudson. We would love to have you join our class!
Hello friends, we’ll be exploring the book of Acts with Lifeway's Explore the Bible series. We will focus on the early church's growth and expansion, examining how the disciples spread the message of Jesus across different cultures and regions. It will also explore themes such as evangelism, persecution, and the role of the Holy Spirit in empowering believers. The study will also delve into the practical implications for modern Christians, encouraging participants to apply the lessons learned from the early church to their own lives and communities. Looking forward to our time together to grow and inspire others to know Jesus.
“If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.” CS Lewis’s profound wisdom echoes how we as Christians should have a hunger for growing in Christ to be image makers in a world desperate for affirmation. Come join us as we explore current and classic works of highly respected Christian authors and leaders who shed their insights on our purpose in being the Biblical light and the truth amidst a culture that has lost its moral compass. The Master Works series is tailor made for authentic, spiritual growth as it provides multiple author’s perspective on topical issues facing our culture, and how we can be an instrument to dispel darkness through God’s holy word.  By providing daily studies, Master Works challenges us to move from the comfort zone of the world to the intentionality that God has for your life through the Holy Spirit.
This semester we will continue studying lessons designed to help us live by faith,  grow in our understanding of trusting God,  and how to actively live out God's plan for our lives. Please join us as we mature spiritually and encourage one another!
No matter what age, gender, or marital status, if you love to study the Bible, this could be the place for you.  This is a discussion class where we take a slow, deliberate, and deeper approach to study the scripture, applying an “in the volume of the book it is written of me” approach.  We are studying the Gospel of John.  We use exploratory questions like “Who wrote this and what do we know about him?”; “Where else in scripture do we see this?”; “What is the symbolization and how do we know that?” to increase our understanding of scripture.  We prayerfully dig into the text and bring application to our own lives, searching for what Jesus desires in our walk with Him.
This semester we will continue studying lessons designed to help us live by faith,  grow in our understanding of trusting God,  and how to actively live out God's plan for our lives. Please join us as we mature spiritually and encourage one another!
This group is multigenerational and offers a wide range of perspectives and testimonies on the Christian life.  Members in this Bible Study group will be challenged to delve deeper into the application of Gods Word to living everyday life God's way. The weekly group discussions will be scripture driven and interactive. Personal study guides will be available to present daily opportunities to learn and prepare for weekly discussions. The study guides are written by respected Christian authors both current and classic and will be the source of our weekly study topics.
Who does not wish that they could overcome evil, tribulation, sorrow, and pain, and transform them all for the praise and glory of God? Who does not want to live here on earth on the high places of love and victory as promised by God?
This cannot be done by reliance on ourselves alone. We must lay down our own selfish will and accept the liberation of living according to God's will.Hinds' Feet on High Places shows us how we can triumph over evil and pain, grief and suffering by placing ourselves in the hands of God, who wants to bring all His children to Him.
Ladies, have you ever desired a deeper relationship and knowledge of God?  To not just know about Him, but to know Him intimately and be able to trust Him with everything? This semester we are journeying together through Knowing God by JI Packer. Please come join us as we encourage one another on our individual travels toward knowing our Lord and Savior personally.
Gather with other men to fight for the things that matter most - relationships. Our desire is not only to get the Word in our heart and know where it may be found, but to become the faithful mighty men, disciples, husbands, and fathers that God desires.  We dive deeply into both Old and New Testaments in a slow, typically inductive approach because scripture is the best interpreter of scripture.  Our goal is to conform our minds and lives to the image of Christ by seeking the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, applying His timeless truths, and fighting for unrelenting obedience to His commands.