Wednesday Night Gathering

Meets Weekly in the TBC Main Auditorium at 6:30PM
Your week, like most, is filled with a lot of activity. People have to go to work in order to earn a living, kids go to school, and bills need to be paid. Additionally, there are doctors appointments, extracurricular activities, and a lot of other things competing for your attention. The House of Prayer mid-week gathering at Thelma Baptist Church provides a much needed break from everything and encourages corporate prayer and Bible Study led by our Pastor.


Bible Study

Each Week we spend time interceding on behalf of others praying for healing, comfort, peace of mind, and encouragement. We believe in the effectiveness of fervent prayer (James 5:3) and enjoy that special privilege of communing with the Lord.
Pastor Doug takes us deeper into the Word of God by leading "through the Book" studies. There have been verse-by-verse studies through books of Habakkuk, , Ezra, Psalms, Proverbs, Amos, Jonah, Acts, Romans, Galatians, Colossians, Titus, Philemon,  and Hebrews thus far. Our current study for 2020 is the Gospel of Mark. Grab your Bible and join us this Wednesday!
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