GroupLife is a special part of Thelma Baptist Church life. By design, it is a small group environment for you and the members of your family to gather with a group of like-minded, similar life phase people to build friendships, develop community, and deepen in knowledge of the Word of God and personal faith. We choose to us the name "GroupLife" because it represents the overall goal very well... a group of people doing life together, following the Lord, Jesus Christ.
We have groups that meet Sunday mornings during what would be a traditional Sunday School time, but we also have groups that meet in other locations and at other times during the week. Below, you will find a listing of current offerings in GroupLife.

Adult Groups


Group Type
Current Study
Adult Co-Ed (Family)
Adult Co-Ed
Adult Co-Ed
Adult Co-Ed
Adult Co-Ed
Adult Co-Ed
Adult Ladies
Adult Ladies
Adult Men
Adult Men
Steve Hagel
Dane Hawk
Margaret Gunter
Curtis Latham
Les Brown
Clayton Edgar
Amanda/Shauna Williams
Marie Logan
Trent Hill
Steve Lee
Book of Acts
Ready To Answer (Jim Baird)
Master Works
Growing In Christ
Talk The Walk (Steve Brown)
Master Works
Daring To Hope
Explore The Bible
Unshakeable Hope
Noel Darnell Residence
Room 102
Room 106
Room 303
Choir room
Room 111
Room 108
Room 107
Room 312
Room 104

All Students and Kids meet for Small Groups During the 9:45 Hour