8:30am worship service registration form

Please fill out the form completely. This will help us ensure we have correct contact info for you, and ensure we are fully prepared for your arrival and safe participation in worship.
Before You Arrive:
  1. Please make sure no one in your family has been sick or had a fever in the last 14 days
  2. Exercise Caution: If you feel at risk for any reason (age, existing health condition, etc), please stay home and participate in worship via our live stream online (Yes, we will continue to live stream Sunday worship services even when the threat of Covid-19 is over)
  3. If desired, please bring your own hand sanitizer and mask
When You Arrive:
  1. Please enter the TBC auditorium via the front main entrance. Greeters will be there to assist you and provide hand sanitizer. Some masks will be available if needed.
  2. Please greet one another with a wave and a smile. No personal contact at this time.
  3. Please observe social distancing. Family units may sit together, but otherwise everyone is require to maintain six feet of distance.
  4. Some pews are blocked from us due to social distance requirements. The rest are marked with one foot increments so you can estimate appropriate distance from your neighbor.
  5. When the service is over, please follow exit instructions in an orderly manner.